Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lilo and Stitch Dancing SVG in pieces

Hi All ~ The other day I posted a Lilo and Stitch file and being a card maker I had made it so there were not a lot of little pieces. As I am still learning, just received my machine at Thanksgiving I didn't realize that with Vinyl you need the little pieces to have it fit on your shirt properly. Luckly I saved the file in pieces at one point and am posting (I hope) a better file for your use. Not my image, personal use only.

Here's the Link for the "Pieces" file

Monday, March 21, 2016

Lilo and Stitch Dancing SVG

It's Lilo and Stitch Dancing, one of my favorite things to do but only in the privacy of my home.  A lady had asked for one and I gave it a try, turned out OK. So I thought I would share it with everyone.

Been playing some more and created an SVG file, not my image, personal use only.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Marauders Map Castle Free SVG ~ Studio

OK I went off track and did a new project (SURPRISE!) and made an SVG of the castle on the front of the Marauders Map.  I did some cleaning up, it needs more for my machine to cut but if it's cut in a larger size 10 x x10 or so it probably will come out OK.  It's not my image and for personal use only.  It was fun and work to do with more to follow but if you'd like to give it a go please have fun.
Not my image ~ Personal Use Only

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March is here already and I've a new project.

I've been trying to teach myself how to make SVG files and have made a few that I hope to post here soon. They still need a few tweaks.  One is a Birdhouse with 3 Blue birds and Holly. The other is a Basket, one of the reed woven ones.  Easter time so it seemed appropriate. Maybe I'll work on some eggs or peeps to go along with it.  Well this was just a short pop in so I'll type later, probably much later.  Who knows, not me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine Post It Note w/Pen Holder Gifts

Here's what I made for my BINGO friends at the Senior Center this year for Valentines Day. A Post It Note Holder with Pen.  I'm still learning how to finesse my new Silhouette, I've only had it 3 months now and still have not been able to get a cutting without having to hand cut pieces. Some I give up on and toss. I had made a Butterfly with cutouts that the machine just hated so I had to improvise and redesign it to make the wings fold up. It turned out pretty much how I wanted so I'm happy with the end product and hope everyone likes it also.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Work

I stamped and then used colored pencils to complete the picture and then placed it in a nice frame and I actually sold some at a Holiday Faire.

I colored the wreath with four different shades of Brown, Yellow and Gold. The shading turned out wonderful eventhough it took me and hour just to do the wreath.

Sorry this picture has a glare on the glass.

The glare is in a different place in this photo so you can see the second cardinal better.

Here's a different stamp I did. I has Poinsettia's which I colored with markers. It has a dark green boarder and is then placed on a light blue note card with a white envelope which has poinsettias on the bottom corner.
I even sold some of these too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Step

I’ve finally made my first step and now I’m definitely a little shaky.

What to say - well . . .

Let’s start with my Blog’s Title - Imagine*Mary - this is a take on Imaginary and my name Mary. Not too hard to figure out but a definite indicator of who I am.

I like to do just about every craft there is and have tried my hand at many, good with some, terrible with others. There’s still lots out there to try so I have something to look forward too when I’m old and gray and 98. Please be patient while I struggle in the beginning.

Now I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

H ours of happy times with friends and family

A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love when you need it the most
Y outhful excitement at lifes simple pleasures

N ights of restful slumber
E verything you need
W ishing you love and light

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A angels to watch over you
R embrances of a happy years !